Self Help Groups

A group of 12 to 20 poor women in the age group of 18 to 60 years who are residing in the same area are organised as a ‘Self Help Group’ (SHG). The objectives of SHG are to conduct regular meetings, promote savings and internal lending among its members and inculcate the practice of collective and democratic decision making. To ensure the economic and social empowerment of women the SHGs are trained to effectively follow the Pancha Sutras namely regular meetings, regular savings, regular internal lending, regular repayment and regular maintenance of book of accounts.


Details of Self Help Groups


No. of SHGs

6.96 lakh

No. of SHG Members

103.32 lakh


No. of Rural SHGs

4.67 lakh

No. of Members

69.28 lakh


No. of Urban SHGs

2.29 lakh

No. of Members

34.04 lakh


Total Savings of SHGs

Rs.8,921 crore


No. of SHGs given Seed Money

5.98 lakh


Cumulative credit availed by SHGs (2011-2020)

Rs.65,930 crore

In order to enable all poor women living below poverty line to join and benefit from the Self Help Group movement, the group formation is undertaken with special focus on NREGS women workers, urban slum dwellers and in Village Panchayats where SHG coverage is still inadequate. Hence, Tamil Nadu will have the distinction of enrolling all women living below the poverty line into SHG movement.

Status Report

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