Training on Governance to PLF Office Bearers:
This training will be imparted to Office Bearers of Panchayat Level Federations. The training will be on governance aspects like concept of Federations, Roles and Responsibilities of Office Bearers,functions of Executive Committee, conduct of meetings,preparation of Annual Reports, etc.
Advanced training on Financial management to PLF office bearers:
This advanced training in Financial Management will be imparted to Office Bearers of Panchayat Level Federations. This training will expose the PLF office bearers to financial management issues such as maintenance of accounts, audit, management of Bulk Loan, proper use of credit, resource mobilization, micro-insurance etc.
Training on Governance to HLF Office Bearers:
The Federation of the SHGs will be at two levels i.e at Habitation Level and at Panchayat Level. Each habitation with at least 5 SHGs will have a Habitation Level Forum (HLF) with representation from every credit rated SHG.The HLF is a crucial link between SHGs and PLFs and help the PLFs to monitor the SHGs. The Office Bearers of the newly created HLFs needs to properly understand their role. Hence, HLF Office Bearers training is to be introduced as a compulsory training like A&R and SHG member training.
Training of PLF members on identification of Business Opportunities and Exposure Visit:
During 2009-10, a total of 251 PLFs have availed bulk loan and many more will be availing them in 2010-11. These PLFs and SHGs have to be motivated to undertake economic activities and start micro enterprises. It is proposed to expose these PLFs to well functioning micro enterprises run by PLFs/ SHGs so that they can identify suitable business opportunities for them. These exposure visits will help PLF members in learning the best practices in other areas and also motivate them to undertake profitable economic activities.
Orientation training to PLF Sub-committee Members:
Each restructured PLF has four Sub-committees on Group Formation and Monitoring, Credit Linkage, Livelihood and Social Issues. Each sub-committee has five members out of which, two are selected from among the Executive Committee and three are selected from General Body. The EC members are imparted training about their roles and responsibilities in PLF EC members training programme. Hence, the other three members selected from General Body need to be trained on their roles and responsibilities.
Orientation training to PLF Social Audit committee members :
The Government have established a Social Audit Committee in all restructured PLFs by selecting all the five members from the General Body of the PLF. The Social Audit Committee members have a crucial role to ensure that the PLF is administered as per the Bye-laws and Memorandum of PLFs. The Social Audit Committee members need to be given training on their roles and responsibilities and the functioning of the PLF.
Orientation training to Office Bearers of PLFs Affiliated to TNCDW:
The TNCDW is giving affiliation to PLFs to act as an NGO in their area. The affiliated PLFs can form and monitor SHGs, co-ordinate SHG and A&R training programmes, assist in credit rating and credit linkage and support the SHG in promoting economic enterprises. The PLF Office Bearers and Book Keepers need sufficient orientation and knowledge on their role as mentor of SHGs. Hence this orientation training is proposed to Office Bearers of PLFs Affiliated to TNCDW.

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