Panchayat Level Federation

Panchayat Level Federation (PLF)

Panchayat Level Federations have been formed at the village level and all the SHGs at the village level are federated under a PLF which is a registered body under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975.



The Government have exempted the PLFs from the purview of Section 25 and Section 42 of Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975 have provided an institutional frame work for PLFs to take up income generation activities and benefit from them.   



PLF will act as a most important link between the project and the village community.


Roles & Responsibilities of PLFs: 

·         The main responsibility is to mobilize all eligible women identified in the PIP process into Self Help Groups,

·         To strengthen and lead the SHGs through financial interventions, 

·         To disseminate the information about the project among the SHGs, 

·         To support the SHGs in maintaining accounts, conducting audit and  arranging for grading and credit rating, 

·         Act as a financial intermediary to facilitate low cost loans to SHGs by directly borrowing from Banks 

·         Converging with various Government departments to take up activities like social issues, health, nutrition and gender issues related to women development and empowerment. 


PLFs discharge the above responsibilities through the following sub-committees for the betterment of its members and community: 

·         SHG Formation and Strengthening Sub-Committee 

·         Credit linkage and Monitoring Sub-Committee 

·         Livelihoods Sub-Committee 

·         Sub-Committee on Social issues. 

Totally, 12,358 PLFs and 166 Livelihoods Sub Committees have been formed in all 388 blocks.

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