Credit Linkage to SHG's

SHG Bank Linkage Programme is an intervention which ensures the “Right to Credit” for the poor by enabling access to formal banking and financial services. Right to Credit is ensured in the programme by ensuring not just access, but also adequate and timely credit at affordable interest rates. SHG-BLP has brought innumerable households out of the debt trap and enabled subsequent access to finance to start income generating activities for diversifying and augmenting their family income thereby enabling a good quality of life and a way out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

SHG-BLP enables women to avail loans at lower rate of interest and build a strong relationship with bankers for up-scaling their economic activities by availing higher quantum of loans continuously. Timely and adequate credit delivery at a reasonable rate of interest through SHG Bank Linkage programme and the provision of Interest Subvention has enabled economic empowerment of women in the state.


During the year 2018-19, against the target of Rs.11,000 crore, Rs.11,448.99 crore was achieved through credit linkage to 2,95,612 SHGs. For the first time, this achievement of Rs.11,448.99 crores under Bank Linkage Programme is the highest achievement ever in our state.

It is our endeavour that the average loan size in our State shall be Rs.6.00 lakhs per SHG to enable the SHG members to undertake sustainable livelihood activities to improve their family income and thereby come out of the poverty.

During 2019-20, as against the target of Rs.12,500 crore a sum of Rs.13,300.64 crore loan have been achieved to 3,03,703 SHGs upto 29.02.2020. The average loan size per SHG is improved from Rs.3.87 lakh to Rs.4.37 lakh.

In the last nine years alone since 2011, totally Rs.65,929.61 crore has been availed as credit by the SHGs through Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks, Regional Rural Banks (RRB) and District Central Cooperative Banks including Primary Agriculture Cooperative Credit Society (DCCB-PACCS) in the state.

The endeavour of TNCDW is that the SHG members should utilise 80% of the loan thus received to undertake income generating activities to augment their house-hold income.

YearAchievement (Rs. in Crores)Cumulative (Rs. in Crores)
Up to 2001 120.30  120.30 
2001-02 97.91  218.21  
2002-03 184.65 402.86 
2003-04 271.32 674.18 
2004-05 490.62 1164.80 
2005-06 600.44 1765.24 
2006-07 593.45 2358.69 
2007-08 804.70 3163.39 
2008-09 2174.57 5337.96 
2009-10 2791.65 8129.61
2010-11 3474.22 10603.83
2011-12 4030.00 15633.83
2012-13 4031.94 19665.77
2013-14 6035.56 25701.33
2014-15 6171.74 31873.07
2015-16 6191.49 38064.56
2016-17 6387.52 44452.08
2017-18 8331.73 52783.81
2018-19 11448.99 64232.80
2019-20 13300.64 77533.44
2020-21 5040.78 82574.22
Total 82574.22  

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